Tournament rules

The tournament follows rules of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation for E1 age group (born in 2008) with some exceptions.


  • The matches are played according the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation rules for this age group with some exceptions
  • The matches have two 15 minutes periods, but the total time of the match cannot exceed 50 minutes. The announcer will tell when there is two minutes of time remaining.
  • There are no pauses between periods and the teams do not change the sides between periods.
  • A team cannot have a timeout
  • The teams are responsible for being ready to start the game according the time table. If a team is not ready when the game should start according the time table the team will forfeit the game 0-5.
  • The home team wears dark uniform and visitor light uniform. Exception to this rule is possible if the teams agree so. The change should be informed to tournament office 30 minutes prior to the game


  • The team gets two points for winning a preliminary game, one point for a tie and zero points for losing a game
  • If two (or more) teams are tied after preliminary group matches the order of the teams is decided as follows: first the winner of the match of the tied teams, second the goal difference, third goals made and fourth a draw
  • If a playoff game is tied after regulation shootout follows. First three different players from both teams will take the penalty shot and after that one by one tie-off if needed. After the first three players the teams may use same players again


  • Although this tournament is for players born in 2008 the teams may use younger players too
  • The manager of each team takes care that the lineups are correct in the scores system at the latest one hour before the first game of the team. After that changes are possible only if the tournament manager has approved the change(s)
  • The players can play only in one team for the exception of goalies who can play in other teams if needed


  • If a player gets a major penalty (game misconduct) s/he will have automatic one game suspension. If a player gets a match penalty s/he will be suspended for the remaining of the tournament
  • Tournament jury will convene and decide if further actions are needed if a player or an official gets a game misconduct penalty


  • All teams are responsible for their insurances. The tournament organizer is not responsible for any accidents in the tournament


  • The fee for protest is 100€. If the matter is solved in favor of the protestee the fee is returned. In case of a protest it must be presented in written to tournament office at the latest 10 minutes after the game has ended. The tournament management will act as a jury in protest cases. Jury will interview referees and officials from both teams if needed.


  • The tournament organizer has right to change timetables is there are major reasons for the changes. Affecting teams will be informed as soon as possible